Monday, August 22, 2016

My New Diet Bet (And How You Can Join!)

As I have mentioned before I am a huge Snapchatter.  Between the filters and the cool people, I usually can't go to sleep at night without watching all of the people I follow's stories. It's a small addiction of mine.

One of my favorite Snapchatter's is fitness guru LoveSweatFitness or "LSF". I have been going to the gym and running a lot the past few months and am now in the best shape (athletically) of my life so I really like watching her snaps all about her daily life instructing workout classes, staying fit, and of course, meal prepping. I included LSF's Snap code to the right if you would like to add her.

All this being said I have yet to lose very much weight. I know much of it is gaining muscle and me needing to work on what I eat but it is still very frustrating and I have little motivation to eat healthily. This is where the Diet Bet comes in!

LSF mentioned on her Snapchat story that she is starting a Diet Bet and wants her followers to join. What is a Diet Bet you may ask? It is a website,, where leaders set goals and the participants bet money they'll make those goals. In this case, it is a $30 bet that I will lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. All participants put money into the pot and then the winners split it when the 4 weeks is finished. LSF's DietBet is a little different because she provides everyone with a workout plan and access to some secret stuff on her blog to help as well. I am hoping this will be motivation for me to start caring about what I'm doing in the kitchen in addition to the gym because we all know going to the gym is not enough for weight loss.

I am hoping to get as many people as possible to join in for three reasons!

  1. Friendship is good, friendship is important. The more people I know are doing this with me the more motivated I'll be to not give me.
  2. Money! More participants = a bigger pot which I am definitely a fan of.
  3. Prizes For every person I invite I get a better chance of winning some cool prizes like new shoes (insert heart eye emoji) that LSF is giving away.
Of course, I hope everyone joins and although the bet starts today August 22nd, you all have 14 days to join if you would like. If you would like to join you can follow my referral link here

 I will be doing a weekly check in on Mondays for the next 3 weeks so check in for that as well!

Until next time, 


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