Monday, August 1, 2016

How to Wax Your Eyebrows at Home

I'd like to start this post by saying sorry for the lack of activity in the last month or so! I have been very busy with work and school and I have also started to change my lifestyle and am taking the time to eat healthy and work out at least four times a week. All I really have to say is it definitely takes more time than I expected!

I am not at a loss for ideas though and I plan to start posting bi-weekly for the entire month of august. Starting 8/1 I plan to post every Monday and Thursday at 12 PM like clockwork. I still have so many goals for this blog and I hope this schedule helps keep me on track with posting regularly. 

The first thing I wanted to post after my month long hiatus though was this at-home eyebrow waxing tutorial. I have an obsession with my eyebrows like many other people. But since I have such dark hair that shows up very easily, a brow wax usually doesn't last for long. When my eyebrows have gotten out of control but I cannot afford to go see the magic lady who makes it all better I have a back up plan though. I wax my own eyebrows using a super affordable at-home waxing kit. 

The kit I use is Gigi's All Purpose Honee Microwave Hair Removal System ($16.99). I picked this kit because it was perfect for someone like me who had little experience playing with wax. I also picked it because it does not require a wax warmer which I was not ready to invest in yet. The kit comes with applicator sticks both large and small, a jar of microwavable wax, cloth waxing strips, and cremes for before and after wax application. I do recommend this kit but it should be noted I have not tried any of its competitors yet. 

I've really liked this kit and suggest it for people who want to learn the basics of waxing. I did learn though that microwaving wax is a little more difficult though because it can sometimes cool down before you're finished! I plan to eventually buy a new kit with a wax warmer now that I've got the basics down. 

The first thing I do whenever I'm touching up my eyebrows is I fill them in. The purpose of this is to set up lines to wax around. If you do not know where to wax filling them in makes it a whole lot easier.

Then I microwave the wax and start to apply it to my skin with an applicator stick. I spread the wax on going in the same movement as the hair grows.

The next step is actually removing the wax! I press a cloth wax removal strip on the area where the wax is and press down for around 15 seconds. I then continue to pull my skin and make it tight and able to pull back against the wax, and I quickly rip the cloth strip off going the opposite way of the hair's growth (towards my nose/other half of my face).

After this step it is important to apply pressure using either a part of the cloth strip without wax or your fingertips! This reduces pain and swelling!

The final step is applying the wax remover cream! This is important because of wax being so sticky it doesn't come off with just warm water. This cream is included in the kit and I simply rub it all over any area that was waxed and then wipe off gently with a towel and water.

After that I am finished!

My waxing is not perfect but it definitely helps me out since I only get my eyebrows waxed about once a month. It's a great solution for saving money and time.

I am very happy to be back blogging and I hope you find this brow waxing tutorial useful!

For my other brow obsessed people out there, how often do you get your eyebrows waxed? If you're like me and wait a while between waxes, how do you keep your brows in check?

Until next time,


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