Thursday, August 11, 2016

An Hour with Urban Decay

It was bound to happen...I missed my Monday at noon deadline I set for myself. I'm not too stressed about it though. It's awesome to set goals but sometime we fall short. The good new is I have a big post that I think is good enough for the entire week.

I started this week off in the most fun way, having an hour one on one with an Urban Decay makeup artist and getting a super pretty eye shadow look for free. Urban Decay is the brand known for their amazing eyelid primers and their super pigmented eye shadow palettes, including the NAKED series. I actually never had my makeup does professionally before this so it was quite an experience. Everything I know about makeup has been self taught so it was very cool to have someone who knew what they were doing teach me some secrets.

This event was held at my neighborhood ULTA and when I walked in it was clear I was walking in to a party. Music was playing throughout the store and all the makeup artist seemed happy and like they were having a great time. I walked up and met my stylist Sam, the girl who "can always be trusted to do an amazing eye". This got me pretty excited because the one thing I wanted to focus on during our time was eye shadow. Eye shadow is seriously my Achilles heel, I told Sam I am either horrible at it or I have the worst eyes for eye shadow ever. She reassured me it was most likely neither and we got started with the eye look. We both decided on something using the NAKED 3 palette which I have wanted to try for a while now. The look of course also needed some sparkle so we included a silver glitter eyeliner and one of their Moondust Shadows as well.. I was very happy with the finished result! Definitely the best my eye shadow has ever looked!

                                                            (Here is the finished eye look)

Before this hour I had very little experience with Urban Decay. I typically live by the rule "there is always the same product for less money". There were some products I absolutely loved though. I got to sample a lot of different urban decay products including four of their eyeshadow primers, their mascaras Perversion, the NAKED 3 palette, their newer Revolution High Color lip glosses, the sparkly Moondust eye shadow palette, the urban decay Brow Beater pencil, and the 24/7 Glide On eye pencil.

I would say three products stood out among the crowd. The first stand out was obviously the NAKED palette I tried. I have avoided this product due to the price for so long but I have to say these palettes are perfect for transition colors when doing eye shadow. Is it necessary to buy everyone? Definitely not. But I was for sure missing out by not having one in my collection.

The second that stood out was the primer. My eye shadow stayed on the entire day. I have actually never had that happen before and I was shocked. My favorite one was named Eden and it actually is tinted. This means it color corrects dark eye circles and primes at the same time which is very helpful for me.

The last product that I was super impressed by was the Prevision mascara. There is not much I can really say besides it does its job well. It adds a whole lot of length without making my eyelashes too sticky or stiff. It is also super black which I appreciate.

(Lastly here is the eyes hadow after I did my skin makeup and added my own style of winged eyeliner. I am also wearing the lip gloss mentioned previously.)

My overall experience with Urban Decay was pretty great! I now see why they are one of the bigger brands dominating the make up game for a long time now, they definitely have superior products when it comes to eyes. I still think I'm a Benefit girl when it comes to splurging on makeup but this encouraged me to start expanding my horizons and experiment with all sorts of brands.

Have any of you guys played around with Urban Decays products? Would you like me to review the products I liked in more detail in the future?

Until next time,


  1. Agh. You are so cool. And beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pics and thoughts on the Naked 3 palette! I've wanted some insight from someone whose opinions I trust, so this is actually valuable to me!