Monday, May 16, 2016

New Lazy Day Bra: A ThirdLove Bra Review

About a month ago I was scrolling through Facebook as I often do, and I saw a Buzzfeed article about this revolutionary bra that is flattering but also comfortable. This immediately interested me and I watched a video about a bra company named "ThirdLove". I was completely on board by the end of the video, ThirdLove has this really cool idea where they have customers fill out questionnaires about their breast then  the right bra for your breast type is recommended. AMAZING. They even have an app that you can use to get your measurements since we all know bra size varies from store to store.

I went to ThirdLove's site and took the quiz, it turns out I have east-west breast, then went to order my first bra...until I saw the price. Their most basic, plain nude bra cost $68! This may be normal for people who are not currently college students, I wouldn't know, but for me that price was extremely unrealistic for a product I have never even bought before. I was almost discouraged out of buying the bra until I saw their free trial program that they offer. You can try the 24/7 tshirt bra, wash, wear it, the whole deal, and if you are not a fan you can easily return it for a full refund, all you have to do is pay $2.99 USD for shipping. If after a month you choose to keep it though, you will be charged $68 for the bra.

I decided to go ahead and order the bra and try it out for a month or so before deciding. My package arrived in a timely matter and I soon had my first Thirdlove bra. The free trial bra comes in "nude" otherwise known as the color tan. One thing that will definitely get points deducted from my mental review of a bra is the company only having one shade of nude. I can make this color work but what about the millions of girls darker than me? I definitely suggest this company comes out with some new nude colors as soon as possible

The fit was pretty great, no skin indentations at the end of day or straps that are too tight. I do not however think this would be a dream bra for women who are more gifted in the breast area than I though. The band is very thin in width and does not offer a huge amount of support to help keep everything in place. The material the bra was made from was very thin and breathed extremely well, I never felt sweaty or confined in this bra. I was also a big fan of the memory foam cups which added even more comfort. Although, at times the bra was almost too comfortable if possible, it was advertised as a 24/7 bra, which means good for any occasion. I don't think this bra is flattering enough however to wear when going out or dressing up. It is way too thin and and has too little support as said before.

In the end, I decided to keep the bra. I think it is the perfect middle balance between a sports bra and a high end more flattering bra. I also really like all the cool new things Thirdlove is trying out with the different breast types and sizing app, and wanted to support this cool company. 

Let me know what you think about the breast types/sizing app and any cool bra stores you have tried out besides Victoria's Secret!

Until next time, 


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