Monday, April 25, 2016

What's in the Box: Influenster Spirit Vox Box

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 Hi! I've been very excited to write this "What's in the Box" blog post all about the Influenster Spirit Vox Box. To start off you may be asking what is a vox box? What is Influenster? Mikayla, have you ever thought about how your mail carrier probably thinks you have an online shopping addiction with all of these boxes being delivered to your house? Well, I have the answers to all of these questions.

  I first heard of Influenster while on twitter. I saw a girl advertising a Covergirl foundation that she got in the mail to sample. I was immediately interested. Free stuff?! Free makeup at that?! Where do I sign up?! As I browsed the website I realized it was not as easy signing up and receiving samples right away (Bummer, I know. Sorry!) Influenster has these things called Vox Boxes. Vox Boxes are boxes of samples that Influenster gets from bigger companies, they sort the samples into boxes that match a persons interest of lifestyle and then send the boxes to Influensters who review products often on Influenster or connect to their social media accounts. There also a system called snaps where you you give information on yourself and the type of products you use. The trick with Influenster is to have the most followers on your connected social media accounts, review products often, and fill out the snap so you get picked for products that relate to you.

  It is easier said than done though. I had an Influenster account for over 4 months before I was picked for a vox box. I also got picked the exact month I started reviewing products so as I said before, reviews are important. This leads us to where we are now! At the beginning of April I came home to find my first vox box in the mail! I had no idea what to expect, I had really did not even know what the vox boxes usually contained and even if I did they change it every box so there was no way of knowing. When I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised though. It wasn't as exciting as opening one of my beauty subscription services or something of course, these products were more pratical than mascara, but I can honestly say every products was something I would use day to day.

  Inside I found a few different products including, two Yogi Tea samples, an NYC Color lip and cheek stain, a sample of Kerastase's new discipline curl regimen, a Snickers Crisper bar which I was probably too excited for, and 3 SweetSpot Labs (which is fancy words for scented wipes for your lady parts, let's be real).

  My overall experience with Influenster has been extremely positive. I get all these little samples for free just for doing something I already do, reviewing things. They even give you little virtual badges to earn for reviewing or posting about the samples that put you in drawings for more free stuff. One of the badges I'll get is from blogging about the box which I was doing either way so it is a win-win.

  I had fun especially testing the health and beauty products. As mentioned before, I received two Kerastase Curl products. I was not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. It did amazing things for my curls! I was so shocked because this product is not advertised for black women specifically and I usually avoid hair products that aren't. Their conditioner is a must have for me now though and I plan on buying a huge bottle.

  Another beauty sample was the NYC Color cheek & lip tint. It is very obviously a Benetint by Benefit dupe and conveniently I own both.I would say it you're looking for how well the product can blend, go for benetint, if you're looking for pigment go for NYC. I plan on doing another post about this product later so I'm going to keep it short and sweet for now!

  The other "healthy/beauty" item was the SweetSpot Labs. As soon as I got these I had a small internal debate on how to review vaginal wipes. I'm not shy though so I have decided to go for it. These wipes have super cute and portable packaging and I will definitely buy to keep a few in my bag. I am on the go a lot and use a lot of public toilets and these sure do help me feel clean after using a college campus bathroom.

  As for things I can digest, the Yogi tea sample and a new Snickers bar I didn't even knew existed. I am not a huge tea person so I may not be the best judge but it was pretty good. I didn't have to use much sweetener, especially in the blueberry tea, because the flavors were very present. I think my favorite part about the tea is that each tea tag has a quote or saying on it. It makes each bag feel like a fortune cookie.

  And as for the Snicker bar...I don't know if I could ever say a bad thing about a chocolate bar. Let's just say Snickers + a Rice Crispy treat = something I never knew I needed.

  I definitely recommend Influenster for my fellow reviewers out there who are always looking for new stuff. I had a lot of fun doing this campaign and hope to get picked for another one soon, after I crank out a few more reviews of the app of course.

My question is, and it's a serious one, what is your favorite candy bar? Mine is the Butterfinger peanut butter cups (highly recommended) 

Let me know it the comments, seriously!

*Also quick note, influenster/the companies associated with the samples did not pay me for this post. These were all honest opinions I had after receiving the free Vox Box.


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