Saturday, April 9, 2016

5 Home Renovation Shows I Never Knew I Needed(Fast Five #1)

Over the last three months of being 20 I have realized a few things. Most of these things however have nothing to do with adulthood and involve how to re-purpose furniture and add equity to your home. This is because I have officially become addicted to home renovation shows. It's spiraling out of control. I have an urge to repaint all my furniture and a desire to have things like a feature wall. I dream of stainless steal appliances but I don't even have my own kitchen. I own so many pillows.
Lucky for me Netflix had me covered and has five shows that I'm obsessed with and want to share with you

5.) Tiny House Builders
  These guys don't actually renovate, BUT they do salvage parts from thrift stores and junk yards so I included them. The cruel joke is Netflix only has two episodes of this fun show. If there were more episodes there is a great chance this show would be number one on the list. The host is pretty funny and so is his crew, so they're always keeping things interesting. 

This made the list because: Tiny houses take the concept of making every square inch count to the next level. One of my favorite things about home renovation shows is seeing new ideas for storage and organization, and that is always guaranteed in this show. Also all the houses are usually used as space for recreation in addition to the family's main home, so the houses get to be way more fun than they would be on other shows. 

4.) Fixer Upper
  This show and I have a newer love that is still blossoming as I travel through season 1 but I know already that it is a keeper. This show is all about the dream neighborhood in every community that has the schools, the houses, the commute, but not the price. I love the concept of "finding the worst house on the block" and making it the best house. The homeowners are noticeably less annoying and less wealthy in this show too, making it seem more realistic.

This made the list because: The unique features listed before and more importantly, the shows adorable stars, Joanna and Chip Graines, who win cutest home and garden couple ever. I love their dynamic. Joanna is the master mind designer and Chip is the muscle who has knowledge of all the less glamorous things you need to know when renovating. You can tell they truly love each other and that is awesome to watch.

3.) Genevieve Renovates

  Genevieve is just another renovation designer but in this series the trick is she is renovating her own space in extreme detail. It is also different because since she is putting so much work into the place, each episode is a different room of the house. You get a way more in depth look at the process than you would in another show. Also it is all Genevieve's own money so that makes things a little more tough.

This made the list because: It breaks the mold of the traditional show. Not only is each episode a different room but Genevieves home is two apartments she is joining together instead of a traditional 3-4 bedroom house. It is truly amazing to see how she makes her and her daughters city property look like a real home.

2.) Property Brothers 
Of course no list of home reno shows could be complete without the ever so charming Property Brothers. Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott go from couple to couple and break their hearts by telling them in simple terms "act your wage". Once the prospective home buyers realize they cannot afford to buy a ready to own house they enlist the property brothers to find a fixer upper and turn it into the house of their dreams. P.s. There also is a show on Netflix called Property Brothers at home which is basically the same as Genevieve renovates except it's the Scott brothers home. I definitely recommend it.

This made the list because: I honestly just think this show is hilarious. I also like that they show the couples the dream houses in the beginning and comparing the house they have at the end. Sometimes the final house ends up looking better than the dream house.

1.) Flip or Flop 

Ah my first love, The one that started it all. Tarek and Christina are what we professionals like to call #GOALS. Buying houses and making them pretty is their actual job. Where do I sign up for that? Netflix only has one season of their show, which should be a federal crime BUT don't worry there are four seasons overall i'm told. I definitely plan to watch every episode too.

This made the list because: It is the show that started this addiction. There always some suspense when you don't know if the investment they made in the house will pay off or not in the long run. They do not have guaranteed buyers yet so each episode has a risk factor.

Do you guys watch any of these shows already? I really cannot tell you what sparked my interest in all of them, but what I do know is now I have serious house buying fever. Now, can someone loan me $500,000 because according to these guys that is what my dream house is going to cost. ):

Let me know if you check any of these out or which one is your favorite!

Until next time,


  1. Oh I've watched a few eps of Fixer Upper. I think home renovation shows are so interesting! It's like...this huge project of taking nothing and making it into something wow-worthy! Can't imagine how hard that is!

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    1. It looks difficult on TV so I can only imagine in person! I definitely would love to get a fixer upper one day though.

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