Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Makeup Highlighting 101 (A Glazed Donut Goddess Tutorial)

There is a new group that is growing in size everyday. It is the "Glazed Donut Goddesses" aka people who are embracing the wonderful world of highlighter. This is by far not a new trend but it is growing bigger than ever. People are now highlighting collar bones, necks, and even chest. Basically, anything you can give a glow WILL get a glow.

Women are starting to get so good with highlighter that Youtuber/Twitter(er?), Nathan Zed tweeted about it, giving girls who love it a new name, "Glazed Donut Goddesses" 

That's when the Idol of all Glazed Donut Goddesses herself, Zendaya, replied with a selfie. She taught us all that 1.) She is the Queen of the highlight and 2.) We all want to be glazed donut goddesses.
(Even her damn ears got a highlight like what are we doing to do with her) 

So now that everyone is caught up and knows what I am talking about, I can teach all of you who are still trying to figure out the whole highlight thing what to do and some tricks on how to glow like the Glazed Donut Goddess we both know you are, without spending money on some $100 product.

The first thing I do when I'm highlighting is I put on concealer to make my skin one even skin tone. This is also the part where I would put on foundation if you use it. I am using Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer in the color Tan. This specific concealer is not necessary to achieve a nice highlight I just like the full coverage it gives me.

Then I cover the spots I want to highlight, (cheeks, nose, chin, forehead), in a lighter concealer to brighten up the areas. I'm using a cheap little E.L.F. highlighter/concealer stick that has a little sparkle. It gives me a slight highlight on its own to be honest.

Next, the most important step! I add bronzer underneath my cheekbones to contour and to have a strong contrast against the highlight. I'm using my favorite bronzer EVER, Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics. I bought this travel size close to 3 years ago and I am just not running out, it's so awesome. 

****Optional step:  Use a blush in that area as well to add some extra life to your face

Lastly I take what I'm highlighting with and I cover those areas from earlier that I put the lighter concealer on. I wanted to show you can literally use anything in this post so I used a sparkly off white eyeshadow. Of course a real highlight product would last longer but this definitely works.

  Then you're done! Here is a before and after picture. Highlighting and contouring is definitely my favorite thing to do make up wise right now. Especially since I have such a round face that makes me look like a baby.

So what do you guys think? Is highlighting your favorite or do you think people are going overboard to achieve that dewy glow? 

P.S. I promise my blog wont only be about makeup but its just easy right now to post about what I know, and what I know is I love makeup. 

 P.P.S I am working on what's the best way to follow my blog but you can bookmark or wait until I post on social media until then!

Alright, Bye!